Does Pelham’s have any special views?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Pelham’s is on the ground floor of Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, in the hotel’s 101-year-old Heritage Building. The historic building sits right on the Bund, so you might assume there would be city views; but in reality, the restaurant has just one window and no special views. However, the restaurant does have plenty of light, thanks to its glistening crystal chandeliers. If you’re at a window table, you can see bits of the sky and a few neighboring buildings, but the window isn’t eye-level. Despite being able to seat 50, Pelham’s is intimate and, at dinner, it’s cozy, with warm lighting from the overhead chandelier. Guests at Pelham’s come for the food and little else — it’s even said that true gourmands have been known to eat here with their eyes closed to better visualize each flavor and textural element of a dish.

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