Does Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse offer special menus for food allergies?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Like nearly every restaurant in Shanghai, Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse does not offer a special menu for food allergies. Allergies in China are not widespread and thus not widely understood, even in restaurants where the staff speaks English well. If you do suffer from food allergies, it’s best to get them written out in both English and Chinese. From the menu at Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse, there are plenty of dishes that generally won’t contain potential allergens, though there’s certainly the potential for cross contamination in the kitchen. The steaks, in particular, should be a pretty safe bet. They come free of sauce and are juicy, tender and crispy-edged all at once. Unless you’re allergic to dairy, the black truffle macaroni and cheese is also a great choice, as is the recommended restaurant’s roast chicken, with sides including mashed potatoes with crispy leeks and garden greens.

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