What are five things I should know about Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse?

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Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse, tucked inside a yellow villa on a leafy street in Shanghai’s French Concession, is one of Shanghai’s best spots for sublime steak. Here are five things we think you should know about Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse:

1. Consistency. The restaurant opened five years ago, and most of the original kitchen staff remain, which means consistency when it comes to all your food.

2. Crisp-crusted steaks. Thanks to a 700 F oven and a cast-iron grill, the steaks are a combination of roasted and grilled, ensuring a really nice, crisp crust on every steak.

3. Private dining. In addition to the main dining room, Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse has three private dining rooms with rustic, solid wood tables, bronze chandeliers and oil paintings on the wall.

4. A cigar room. After tucking into a big, juicy steak, cigar aficionados can retire to the restaurant’s cigar room, where you can chomp, smoke and sip.

5. Early dining. Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse is not a late-night spot; most people generally finish up dinner around 8 or 9 p.m.

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