What is the chef at Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse’s food philosophy?

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Nick Jin, the chef at Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse, has been with the restaurant for five years. A Shanghai native, Jin went to local hospitality school Zhongshi Vocational School and began cooking Italian food 10 years ago. Chef Jin’s food philosophy centers on introducing local Chinese to classic American food, which is what he expertly churns out at Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse. The recommended restaurant is very traditionally American, with big portions and a cigar room. Steak is not a part of Chinese cuisine, but when you slice into a perfectly tender, crispy-edged New York strip sirloin here, you’d never know it. Beyond the steaks chef Jin and his team also do top-notch side dishes that bring to mind Betty Homemaker — bacon creamed spinach, black truffle macaroni and cheese and banana rum soufflé.

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