What are the five best things to order at Sushi Oyama?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

At Sushi Oyama, diners have only one choice and that’s the 10-course (sometimes 12-course) omakase menu. This means that your meal is the chef’s choice. Diners have a little leverage (you don’t eat a particular kind of fish, for instance), but otherwise you get what is in season and the most fresh. If you can avoid it, don’t say no to anything. A typical meal at Sushi Oyama starts with a few cold dishes, and then hurtles into seafood territory, both raw and lightly cooked. Monkfish liver, salty cod roe, tuna (of any sort, including toro), smoked whelk and mackerel are all top-notch and you’d better hope at least one of these makes it to your plate.

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