What are the table settings like at Sushi Oyama?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The table settings at Sushi Oyama set the stage for the spectacular tasting ahead. When you first sit down, you’ll find in front of you a round tray of dark lacquered wood, which is where the chef and waitresses will place the more delicate dishes during the courses to come. Beside the tray rests a pair of balsa wood chopsticks. In front of you is a handwritten scroll on which the day’s menu is carefully painted with a calligraphy brush. It’s all very clean and neat, austere without being cold and accessible while still maintaining a luxurious edge. As the dishes begin to appear, a range of porcelain and pottery (each handmade and different) sport an array of colors and patterns that seem to complement the very food placed on top.

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