What vegetarian and vegan dishes does T8 Restaurant & Bar offer?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

There is a good selection of vegetarian dishes at T8 Restaurant & Bar. The menu helpfully highlights these dishes with a green leaf logo that makes it easy to find the vegetarian-friendly options. Vegetarian main dishes include the handmade fettuccini with mushrooms, porcini powder, cherry tomatoes ragout, parmesan and fresh basil, and the roasted vegetables soup made with pumpkin, prawn, olive dust, extra virgin spray and balsamic. If you order this soup and you don’t eat fish, make sure to for the anchovies to be left out. Other vegetarian dishes include several salads like the Watermelon Salad 2.0, made with goat cheese, burrata and pickled shallot and served with a watermelon gazpacho shot. In addition, if you arrange ahead, T8 Restaurant & Bar’s executive chef Jordi Servalls Bonilla is happy to prepare a complete vegetarian menu especially for you.

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