What are the five best things to order at Table No. 1 by Jason Atherton?

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Chef Scott Melvin at Table No. 1 by Jason Atherton changes the menu frequently to keep up with the best local seasonal ingredients. But, “There are some dishes the customers just won’t let us change,” he says. These perennially popular favorites — which should not be missed — include:

1. Salt and pepper prawns. This dish uses the numbing Sichuan peppercorn to season the succulent prawns.

2. Tuna tartare. The cylinder of ahi tuna tartare is a treat with avocado and sesame. This is a must-have small plate.

3. Razor clams. Razor clams are extremely popular in local Shanghai dishes, but Melvin has given them a Western flavor with the addition of chorizo. They also get a kick from some coriander and chili.

4. Warm chocolate cake. Cherry tea and white chocolate ice cream elevate this cake to tasteful heights. Be forewarned: The fruit and tea accompaniments change with the seasons, but the cake is so popular it never leaves the menu.

5. Ice cream and sorbet. These cool treats are menu staples. Rotating flavors like chocolate, vanilla-pineapple swirl, banana and sweet basil are beautifully presented in a glass dish with grooves for ice cream and drizzling sauces. Each scoop is garnished with a dried piece of fruit, whether it be a kiwi round or a thin slice of star fruit.

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