Who is the chef at Table No. 1 by Jason Atherton and what is his background?

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Jason Atherton is the consulting chef and visionary behind Table No. 1 by Jason Atherton. He is renowned for his many years working with Gordon Ramsay on a variety of restaurants, starting as executive chef for Verre in Dubai. In 2005, he launched Maze in the United Kingdom. Atherton is also known as the first British chef to study under Ferran Adrià at El Bulli (in 1998). In recent years, Atherton has struck off on his own, launching the award-winning Pollen Street Social in London. He visits Table No. 1 throughout the year.

The chef in charge on a daily basis at Table No. 1 is Scott Melvin, who is originally from Scotland and started working in kitchens at age 16. Melvin managed both kitchens at the Gordon Ramsay Group’s Maze and Maze Grill in London. He has also worked in top restaurants in Bermuda, Denmark and France. Melvin is particularly interested in local foods and flavors, and his cuisine always incorporates native influences.

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