What are five things I should know about The MEET?

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Located inside Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai, The MEET is a steakhouse with a laid-back atmosphere and a sense of humor. Before you sit down to a meal there, here are five things you should know:

1. It’s laid-back. The food here is top of the line, but the atmosphere is mostly lighthearted. With red chandeliers and a faux fireplace, this is not your typical leather-upholstered, old-boys-club steakhouse.

2. Meat is the main event. A glassed-in meat locker showcases a mouthwatering display of different cuts, ageing to juicy, tender perfection.

3. There are red-meat alternatives. Those who don’t eat beef probably won’t be impressed by the meat display, but the menu does offer an array of seafood and vegetarian sides.

4. It has an extensive beer selection. Gleaming at the front of the dining room is the stunning stainless-steel stills, where some of Shanghai’s best microbrews can be whisked upstairs for you to sample.

5. It draws a young, hip crowd. Just like the hotel it’s housed in, The MEET is often filled with Shanghai’s young and hip locals, who come for the unique atmosphere and top-notch cuisine.

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