What are the five best things to order at Wei Jing Ge?

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While it may be tucked away in an attic space of Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, it’s no secret that Wei Jing Ge has a large menu of authentic Shanghainese, Cantonese and Huai Yang dishes to choose from. If you want the best of what the menu has to offer then here are the five best things to order:
1. A set menu. Wei Jing Ge has six to choose from and they range in size, price and composition. Going the set route takes the guessing game out of ordering as chef Sam Yuen has done the work of creating the ideal pairings.
2. Bird’s nest dishes. The à la carte menu devotes its own page to bird’s nest, and you can have the braised delicacy with seafood, chicken, egg whites, and mushrooms.
3. Dim sum. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, then we suggest you order dim sum, which lets you sample a huge array of dishes like dumplings, buns, congee and seafood for a single set price.
4. Hairy crab. If it’s in season, the autumn delicacy hairy crab is a must order. No matter how chef Yuen uses it, from soups to sautés, it’s bound to please.
5. Walnut soup. Strange as it might sound, this sweet and creamy dessert of crushed walnuts in a bowl with hot black glutinous rice is worth saving room for.

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