Who is the pastry chef at Wei Jing Ge?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Like many Chinese restaurants in Shanghai, Wei Jing Ge at the Waldorf Astoria does not have a pastry chef in house. Chef Sam Yuen deals with the sweets and baking, which come into play more during weekend dim sum than on the regular à la carte menu. For instance, classic egg custard tarts get a bit of Yuen innovation with the use of sea duck eggs imported from Guangxi. These not only have a slight difference in texture and taste from regular chicken eggs (they really boast more body), they’re also apparently lower in cholesterol. They also make for a more savory tart. Also done well are the baked barbecue rolls, which match smoky roast pork with a sweet, red sauce and buttery pastry – a worthy indulgence in anyone’s book.

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