Does Anantara Spa at The PuLi Hotel and Spa offer acupressure treatments?

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Anantara Spa at The PuLi Hotel and Spa is in the heart of Shanghai, and its spa menu has Chinese, Thai and Indian influences. So of course it offers a few acupressure treatments.

Anantara’s signature massage incorporates acupressure and reflexology, which clears blockages of energy and improves circulation. The marma abhyanga (four hands) massage uses the Indian ayurvedic system, applying pressure to certain parts of the body that are stimulated to improve health. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa’s traditional Chinese massage incorporates acupressure with ancient techniques to improve the flow of energy through the body; the traditional Thai massage skillfully makes use of your therapist’s whole body and strength to remove tense blockages of energy and revive you.

Acupressure is also part of the luxury Shanghai spa’s oriental head and foot massages. Both focus on a particular area to relieve tension in the two body parts that absorb a lot of stress throughout daily life. The foot massage uses knowledge of reflexology to link areas of your feet to internal organs.

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