What should I wear to a treatment at Spa InterContinental?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If you’re planning on visiting Spa InterContinental, you should wear comfortable clothing to prepare yourself for a relaxing few hours. You’ll want to be able to just slip on shoes and comfortable pants or a dress to let your body breathe, especially after a treatment. Depending on the season, you may want to bring a scarf and a warm sweater to lock in moisture and warmth post treatment. Fresh undergarments and socks are always nice after a long shower and massage or body scrub treatment. Most of the time you’ll be slathered in aromatherapy oils and moisturizer, so keep that in mind when choosing what to wear. You’ll also be given a robe and slippers once you arrive at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa, so it really doesn’t matter what you choose to wear — just be sure to bring along your swimsuit if you want to hop in the pool or the whirlpool.

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