What are the best concert venues in Shanghai?

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Sophie Friedman

Shanghai has quite a flew of concerts coming up, including Aerosmith and Tony Bennett.
Just as in other cities like New York, Shanghai has a few different types of concert venues. There are the large stadiums, like Mercedes-Benz Arena, which will soon host Tony Bennett, Shanghai Grand Stage, where Pet Shop Boys will play, and Hongkou Stadium, where Aerosmith will be playing. There are small venues that generally host independent groups; these include Yuyintang and MAO Livehouse.

In the fall, when the weather cools off a bit, Shanghai also hosts several outdoor concerts. Among these is the annual JZ Festival, which has morphed from a two-day jazz extravaganza to a two-day all-around music festival. This year's line-up includes Mos Def. The concert was originally held at Century Park, across the street from the Kerry Hotel, but is now taking place at Expo Park, on the Pudong side of the Huangpu RIver.

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