What is the best way to haggle in Shanghai?

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Sophie Friedman

The best way to haggle in Shanghai is to decide ahead of time your absolute maximum price. Haggling is an art, perfected with practice. You can’t go into a stall straight away and ask for a deep discount. There’s a tug of war, a little good-natured ribbing, some relationship building; after all, in China, it’s all about guanxi (connections).

Let’s say you’re at Taobao City—Shanghai’s central fake market, across the street from JW Marriott. You’ve come here to buy half a dozen imitation silk scarves, for which you should not be paying more than 120RMB (approx. US$19).

Step 1: Examine the scarves, but don’t look too interested, or the seller will pounce.
Step 2: Once you’ve decided to buy, ask for the price. You’ll be quoted something inflated. Offer half.
Step 3: Seller will go down by a little bit, but stay firm; remember, in your head, you’ve already set your ceiling.
Step 4: Continue to tango with the seller. If you don’t reach an acceptable price, it’s fine to walk away, because…
Step 5: This will lead to the seller coming down to your price.

Since the haggling you’ll be doing in Shanghai will be almost exclusively at markets*, with the exception of the pearl market you should assume that nothing you’re purchasing is authentic. That doesn’t mean they’re knock-off—it just means that the cute tin cookie jars at the Dongtai Lu market are not antique, no matter what the seller says. Haggle well, and pay accordingly.

*You can also haggle at places like fruit stalls, but only if you feel you're being price gouged. 

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