What should I pack for a trip to Shanghai?

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Don't worry about packing too much for a trip to Shanghai. In fact, if you "forget" something, it will give you an excuse to get some custom-made clothes, a Shanghai specialty. You can get virtually anything made — from shoes to suits to blue jeans — for a fraction of the price you'd pay if you bought them off the rack. Generally, Shanghai tends to be a pretty casual city, so you won't need anything more dressed-up than a skirt or nice pair of slacks for even the most high-end restaurants or clubs.

Just be sure to tote along weather-appropriate gear. Add an umbrella in your luggage if you travel in the spring, which can be rainy. Although the winters are relatively mild — you likely won't see any snow — pack some warmer clothing. The summers are humid and hot, so lighter clothing is a must during those months. Something you'll want to bring no matter the season is a comfortable pair of walking shoes. You don't want blistered feet to prevent you from strolling the lovely Bund.

On another note, if you plan to bring a Kindle or iPad on your Shanghai trip, load them up with reading material before you go. Even at the best Forbes Travel Guide Five- and Four-Star hotels, Internet can be spotty.

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