What are the best things to do with kids in Shenzhen?

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Sophie Friedman

Shenzhen has a huge population of families both local and expat, and many businesses cater to children. Here are Forbes Travel Guides editors’ picks for the best things to do with kids in Shenzhen.
1. Go to Window on the World. For kids who have been studying ancient history, there’s nothing cooler than seeing the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, and Taj Mahal up close and in miniature. This educational theme park is an “only-in-China” attraction, and you’ll leave with great, funny photos.
2. Visit Happy Valley Theme Park.
Larger than Hong Kong Disneyland, this amusement park has all the standard rides, themed areas including an excellent water park called Playa Maya, designed with Mayan architecture in mind.  
3. Hike Wutong Mountain. Wutong Mountain stands 900 meters tall and has two peaks. A hike to the top and back will take you at least five hours, but the beginning of the climb is easy enough for kids. Views of Hong Kong’s New Territories’ mountains and Shenzhen Bay are beautiful.
4. Visit Splendid China and Chinese Folk Culture Village. If Epcot focused solely on China, the result would be this theme park, which is one part China in miniature and one part homage to the country’s 56 ethnic groups. Here you’ll find the Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall, and Huangshan Mountain, all in replica. On the other side are 56 houses, each one representing one of China’s ethnic groups, including the Han, Miao, Mongol, and Uighur. There are dance and music performances and, likely to please kids the most, daily Mongol horse battles. 
5. Go to the beach. Despite housing factories and manufacturing facilities, Shenzhen has nice beaches. Xichong is your best bet with kids, as it’s less crowded and cleaner than the rest of the lot, and there are watersports to be done.

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