What are the best Sicily food experiences?

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Silvia Donati

Sicilian cuisine is rich and varied and just plain good. Forbes Travel Guide editors are reasonably certain you’ll discover Sicilians’ fondness for swordfish, lemon anything and almonds on your own. But here are a five more delicacies you should be sure to taste on your trip to Sicily:

1. Sea urchin. While you may have tasted sea urchin at a sushi restaurant, it’s an incomparable tasting ricci fresh from the ocean. You’ll find it most often as an unctuous sauce for spaghetti that has a gentle taste of the ocean.
2. Caponata. A classic Sicilian appetizer, it’s made with vegetables, including eggplants, celery, olives, onion, tomatoes, pine nuts and capers, and seasoned with a sweet-and-sour sauce. It’s best served cold.                                                                         
3. Arancini. Taking inspiration from an Arab dish, arancini are deep-fried rice balls traditionally filled with minced meat, tomato sauce and peas or melted mozzarella and ham. There is also a vegetarian version with spinach. The name means little oranges, referring to the saffron often used to flavor the rice.
4. Cannoli siciliani. The classic Sicilian sweet originated as a Carnival treat, but it was so successful that it’s now eaten year-round. It consists of a fried and crunchy dough filled with a sheep’s ricotta cream, chocolate chips, candied cherries, orange peel and ground pistachios.
5. Sicilian gelato and ice cream sandwiches. What Sicilian gelato lacks in fat content (it’s made with milk rather than cream) it makes up for in intense flavors; look for pistachio, fior di latte, chocolate and other flavors inspired by seasonal fruits. Sicilians enjoy it for breakfast with a brioche roll; this delicacy everyone should try once is called broscia.

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