Where is the best shopping in Siem Reap?

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Natalie Bailey

Some of the best shopping in Siem Reap can be found through Artisans d'Angkor, originally created to help young villagers find work close to home. The workers produce beautiful silk garments and home goods. Stop by the main showroom downtown to peruse thousands of handmade items for a truly unique reminder of your trip. Another great place to shop for handmade items is Khmer Attitude inside the Raffles hotel. You’ll find beautiful Khmer silk clothing, jewelry and home furnishings.
The Angkor Night Market is another great place for shopping while in Siem Reap. The rows and rows of stalls hawking everything from Gap t-shirts straight from the factory to antique cow bells and Buddha’s are a great place to find unique gifts and antiques at a fraction of the cost back home. Since the shopping kicks off after dark, this is the most efficient way to squeeze in your retail therapy after a day spent taking in the temples. Temperatures are also more pleasant for shopping in the evening.
As for the prevalence of children selling items on the streets and outside of the temples, it is good to adopt a policy not to buy from them and to stick to it. While some of the children do go to school and use the funds as additional family income, you can never be certain where the money is going and it is much better for the country to steer itself back toward a culture of education rather than simply relying on the tourist dollar. Purchasing a postcard for a dollar might solve an immediate problem, but in the long run contributes to a more endemic issue.

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