What are the best outdoor activities in Singapore?

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Jamie L.T. Mapa

Singapore is a very outdoorsy country, mainly due to the weather.  While it does rain almost weekly, and usually for a short amount of time, it's expected to be consistently hot and humid all year round which makes planning activities and abiding to outdoor routines easier.

Marathons and running groups have been all the craze on the little island with over 50 races planned since the start of 2013.  Singapore has sits own Runners Group (SGRunners.com) with a race calendar and regularly scheduled practice runs throughout the country.

Staying with the athletic route, there are several bike and walking paths including four hiking paths to Singapore's highest peak at the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve.  The National Parks Board offers free guided tours at 9:25am every third Saturday of the month.  It may not be Mount Everest, but the view from 535 feet up from a forrest is quite stunning.

For those looking to experience the outdoors with a little less athletic activity, Singapore attracts Billboard topping mainstage talent and has likewise been a great breeding ground for local 'up and coming' singers and bands.  Aerosmith, Psy and Ceelo Green recently graced the outdoor stage at Gardens By the Bay and Rihanna, The Killers and Justin Bieber are scheduled acts for the annual F1 Race in September.  Occasionally you will find free of charge events - in a country often cited as being one of the most expensive to live in - such as Baybeats: a showcase of Singaporean and regional bands hailing from countries like Malaysia, Korea and the Philippines; 20+ acts and thousands gather at the outdoor Esplanade Theatre located at the mouth of the Singapore River for three days annually.  You may want to check out SISTIC, Singapore's ticket central, for more information on tickets and upcoming events.

Other music festivals and outdoor activities focused on the arts are often held at Fort Canning and East Coast Park along with outdoor movies (some with a drive-in theme) and the country's annual Shakespeare in the Park.

Singapore is an outdoor traveler's dream adventure; make sure you spend some time exploring the hidden gems the country has to offer! 

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