What are the best restaurants in Singapore?

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  • Jo Soh

  • Fashion Designer

  • Singapore, SG, SG

I would say Kok Sen Coffee Shop on Keong Saik Road is one of the best Chinese restaurants. They call it zi char; basically, they just cook a variety of different dishes. They have this amazing dish called the “Golden Dragon Chicken” that isn’t actually chicken. The so-called flesh is actually made of seafood paste. It looks like a roasted chicken spread out with the wings and everything, but the meat inside is actually seafood paste — it’s kind of weird, but wonderful.

Because I’m a big veggie girl, I like The Garden on Sentosa. I think it’s the best hidden secret for vegetarians. They don’t serve just vegetarian food — they do serve meat — but when they do vegetarian, they do it really well. It gives me my ultimate feel-good fix. They practice what they call "conscious dining" where they prepare fresh, premium produce with a focus on retaining their natural goodness and flavor. Their self-constructed salads allow you to choose what makes up your salad from quality ingredients. (I always go for the larger “bucket” portions.) They have an absolutely delicious fennel risotto, and the one dish that really tips the experience over the edge is the wild mushroom soup made from boudin blanc, shimeji mushroom and leek ravioli. They might as well call it the "magic mushroom soup."

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