What should I pack for a trip to Singapore?

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The hot and humid Singapore weather calls for light, airy clothes, like those made of cotton, linen or silk blends. The outfits can be separated into two styles: casual and semiformal. While casual will get you into almost any establishment in the day, folks tend to dress up at night. Pack one long-sleeved top and pants or a long skirt if you plan to go to a temple.

As far as footwear, sandals are acceptable. But bring along good walking shoes and another formal pair for those nights out. Sunscreen is necessary, too, even if you bring a hat and an umbrella with you. Bring a fan to keep cool.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to take in the city’s varied architecture and snap up encounters of the distinct daily occurrences in Singapore, so bring along a small but powerful camera. Electricity in Singapore flows at 230 volts with a 50-hertz frequency using three-pronged G plugs and sockets.

Jamie L.T. Mapa

With its equatorial location, Singapore experiences a consistent tropical climate year round with hardly any seasonal differences like autumn and winter.  Humidity is high (70-90%) with day temperatures averaging 32 degrees celsius (89 degrees fahrenheit) slightly dropping to an average of 26 degrees celsius (79 degrees fahrenheit) at night.  While rainfall occurs almost daily throughout the year, December through March is known as Northeast Monsoon Season and is the wettest time to visit.  June through September is typically the driest stretch during the year with sporadic rain.

Light weather attire such as shorts, tank tops, cotton shirts, short-sleeved polos, linens and summer dresses are recommended clothing when visiting.  Flip flops/sandals are daily wear for men and women and if dining or going out on the town at night, remember to pack a pair of dress shoes and button down shirts for gentlemen.  A great way to view the country is by taking a stroll or going for a run along the Singapore river; packing a pair of comfortable walking or jogging sneakers is advisable.  Since the climate is hot year round and with Sentosa Beach nearby, do not forget to bring your beach/swimming gear.  Travel accessories worth considering include a camera, sunscreen, bugspray, an umbrella (which most hotels will accommodate) and hair supplies (such as hairspray or gel).

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