Where is the best shopping in Sintra?

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Gillian White

Sintra is a small, tourist-friendly town and its shopping experience is mostly made up of the gift shops located around major attractions such as the Sintra National Palace and the Museum of Modern Art. If you are interested in something with a little more authentic Portuguese charm, our Forbes Travel Guide editors check out the Sintra Bazar in the city center. The bazar was formed at the end of the nineteenth century and has grown exponentially since then — it’s essentially a flea market where you can engage with local vendors selling a variety of goods from produce and cheeses, to ceramics and other handmade items. The bazar is an ideal location to pick up a part of Sintra to take with you. As you meander through the town’s cobblestone streets, you will also see several small independent shops selling everything from ceramic tiles to handmade jewelry.

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