What are five things to know about Craddock Terry Hotel?

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Before you book a room at the Craddock Terry Hotel, there are a few things that you should know:

1. Choose the right rooms. While all of the rooms at the hotel are spacious, be warned that some of them are a little noisier than others, particularly the Premium King rooms that sit over the restaurant and face the river. They tend to get a bit of the train noise at night, as there is a working railroad just behind the hotel.

2. Use the noise machines. If you do get a room where you can hear the train, the hotel provides noise machines. The staff will probably offer you one at check-in, but you can also request one up at the front desk.

3. Join the rewards program. The Craddock Terry is part of Stash, a rewards program for boutique hotels. Stash offers a generous rewards and points system that’s worth joining if you think you might stay at the other hotels in the program. Make sure to sign up before you check out so you earn points for that stay.

4. Get a ride. If you’re arriving in the Amtrak station or Lynchburg Regional Airport, the Lynchburg, Virginia, hotel will send a complimentary luxury sedan to pick you up for free.

5. Take a tour. Enjoy the historic aspects of the city and take advantage of the gorgeous Blackwater Creek trail just behind the hotel for its stunning water views. The concierge can help guide you there as well as arrange for a bike rental.

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