What is the design style of Craddock Terry Hotel?

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Craddock Terry Hotel used its origins as a former shoe factory for design inspiration. An eclectic footwear theme runs throughout the hotel, which is commonly known as “The Red Shoe” — a reference to the giant cherry-red high heel suspended on the face of the exterior. Inside, gorgeous stone walls and worn brick walls recall the building’s industrial former self alongside shoe-related trinkets and artifacts that pay homage to the past. You’ll find different shoe colors and styles — from flats to boots — adorning the doors of each room, framed photos of high heels hang on guest room walls and breakfast is delivered in an old-fashioned wooden shoeshine box. Bright and airy, the boutique hotel has a historic and antique feel to it.

Genevelyn Steele

Imagine Willy Wonka’s workshop as a shoe atelier instead of one dedicated to candy making and you’ll get an idea of the cheeky aesthetics that dominate the design style of the Craddock Terry Hotel. The hotel’s lobby is decorated with a mixture of vintage advertising and modern artistic interpretations of classic shoe styles, ranging from brogans to boots. An antique shoe-shine stand sits by an iron fireplace. Sunlight streams in the spotless factory windows, reflecting the polished shine off the metal grommets from shoes resting on windowsills. Wander down the hallway to your room, past the lookbook stiletto prints hanging on the walls, and stop outside your door, which is stamped with its own piece of miniature footwear. 

The guest rooms at the Craddock Terry Hotel are one of a kind, with the original wood slat floors from the shoe factory serving as soaring 13-foot ceilings. At the Craddock Terry Hotel, concepted and developed by a member of the Craddock family, you’ll find the savoir-faire of a benevolent industrialist meeting the quality of Savile Row.

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