What are the five best treatments at The Spa at Hammock Beach Resort?

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The Spa at Hammock Beach Resort offers a variety of treatments meant to appeal to a wide group of guests. Whether you’re looking for a basic massage or a customized facial, you’ll find it at the Florida spa. Here are the five best treatments at The Spa at Hammock Beach Resort.

1. Back, neck and shoulder massage. This 25-minute massage focuses solely on the places we hold our stress, allowing you to completely unwind and walk out of the spa feeling much lighter.

2. Warm coconut stone massage. The traditional hot stone massage comes with a Florida twist. It starts with a relaxing Swedish massage and is complemented with warm coconut cream and hot stones to help facilitate the flow of relaxation through the body, as well as ease muscle tension throughout the back and spine.

3. Propolis facial. One of the more unique offerings at the St. Augustine spa, this facial uses a Brazilian ingredient called propolis that helps build health and immunity of the skin. This facial is meant to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate all skin types.

4. Green tea and ginger wrap. Green tea and ginger are known as two of the most healing natural ingredients a body can digest, which is why this wrap is one of the best offered if you’re feeling a little sluggish. This sea enzyme wrap begins with a body scrub that contains antioxidants and nutrients, and it’s followed by a body wrap with green tea to balance the yin and yang, ginger root to invigorate your mind and a seaweed algae to stimulate your body’s metabolism.

5. Cinnamon Beach Feet. We love this little foot treatment not just for its lasting effects but also because of its powerful smell. You’ll start with an exfoliation from the feet to the knees using a cinnamon scrub. Then you’ll enjoy a foot and calf massage with cinnamon lotion before polish is applied to get your feet ready for the beach.

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