What should I pack for a trip to St. Lucia?

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K. Aleisha Fetters

Pack your bags for St. Lucia with the outdoors in mind. You will most likely spend most days on the beach, so come prepared with your sun-going staples. Still, what makes St. Lucia so lush is the rain. That means you need to be able to entertain yourself when the island has its midday sprinkle (though this could often just be popping into your hotel for a drink or a nap) — but make sure you’re prepared with insect repellant to fight off the inevitable mosquitoes when the sun comes back out.

Also remember that no trip to St. Lucia is complete without a few active adventures. While you don’t need to bring snorkeling gear since it’s readily available to rent on the island, make sure you have comfy sneakers and active wear in case you want to go for a hike.
Finally, be sure to have some extra cash on hand when you land at the airport. It’s not likely that every place — especially at markets — takes credit cards and overseas credit charges just aren’t worth it. While the local currency is the East Caribbean Dollar, the U.S. dollar is accepted almost everywhere.

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