What are the best St. Moritz food experiences?

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Rachel Marusak Hermann

Between culinary Alpine traditions and dishes unique to the region, there are many local flavors to discover in St. Moritz. We think these are the best St. Moritz food experiences to try while visiting the Swiss ski resort.
1. Engadin nut tart. This sweet treat is a regional specialty, most often served with coffee in the morning.
2. Polenta. Whether you try it con funghi (mushrooms), a touch of Gorgonzola, or even with clams, polenta is a St. Moritz staple served with some surprising flavors.
3. Cheese fondue and raclette. Who doesn’t like melted cheese? They’ve perfected these dishes here and you’ll taste why they’re classics at Chesa Marchetta.
4. Rösti. A dish that’s similar to hash browns, rösti is a meal all to its own. It’s best served with a fried egg on top at places like Lapin Bleu.
5. Chocolate. Whether you enjoy it hot, broken into pieces or baked into desserts, delicious Swiss chocolate will tempt you at every turn in St. Moritz.

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