What are the best things to do with kids in St. Moritz?

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Rachel Marusak Hermann

Your trip to St. Moritz will be most memorable if you treat your kids to memorable nature adventures on the “Top of the World.” Here are Forbes Travel Guide editors’ picks for the five best things to do with kids in St. Moritz:
1. Ride in a carriage. Hitch a ride around the city in a fairy tale horse and carriage. Travelling in slow motion is a great way to take in the sights.
2. Tour the Heidi location. (Re)read the Heidi story to your children and then visit the original hut used during the shooting of the film located just above St. Moritz.
3. Go ice skating. You can gracefully (or not so) glide along the ice year-round  at the open-air artificial ice rink in St. Moritz Bad.
4. Hit the slopes. Everyone can have fun on the slopes with child-friendly ski provisions such as a chairlift which children as young as four can use without mom and dad.
5. See some animals. Try to spot an ibex on an ultimate nature walk in the Swiss National Park, Switzerland’s biggest nature reserve.

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