What’s the best way to get to St. Moritz?

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Alex Skjong

Traveling to St. Moritz on a private jet from NetJets is a great way to kick off your Swiss getaway. Acquiring a pre-paid jet card with 25 hours of flight time or securing fractional ownership of a jet (available in 25-hour increments and with different combinations of aircrafts) is simple and can cut your total travel time by as much as two-thirds compared to commercial flights. Not only will your time in the air be shorter, it’ll be sweeter as well. Sip on champagne and enjoy artisan cheeses as the clouds soar by, ushering you to the resort town. Use your serene time in the air to plan your trip: Hit the slopes, hike on five billion tons of ice at the Pers and Bernina glaciers, enjoy delectable fondue to warm you up from the chilly outdoors and much more.

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