What are the best coffee shops in Stockholm?

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Klas Ekman
  • Klas Ekman

  • Correspondent

  • Stockholm, Sweden, Europe

If you're after "good" coffee, then there's Sosta on Sveavägen who has served perfect espressos to a mainly standing audience for decades. An alternative is Drop Coffee on Södermalm. Both a roastery and a café, their speciality is the drip coffee.

Kaffebar (S:t Paulsgatan 17) was featured in ”The girl with the dragon tattoo” and is a favorite hangout, just a few blocks away from Slussen.

For traditional go to cosy Sturekatten, which looks like it's the 19th century. Another alternative is Södermalms' Gunnarsons (especially in the beginning of the year when Gunnarssons serve this correspondents favorite version of the Semla – thea sweet roll with whipped cream and almond paste that's a traditional dish in Sweden).

Then there is Kafé Valand (Surbrunnsgatan 48), a fantastic old modernist café with an interior of wooden panels and classy chairs. It has been run by the same couple for ages, and the visitors come more for the atmosphere than for what's served. But it really is well worth visiting, if not only to impress others on Instagram.

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