What are the best hair salons in Stockholm?

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Klas Ekman
  • Klas Ekman

  • Correspondent

  • Stockholm, Sweden, Europe

It’s kind of funny, because almost every man in Stockholms media and music circles goes to the same two hairdressers: Magnus and the enigmatic Rockabilly-Bobo at Salong Blowout on Tyskbagargatan on Östermalm. Not only are they very nice guys, but they also have a lot of knowledge about culture and popular culture, so if the customer wishes a certain style from… say, ”Mad Men” – they’ll fix it (on both men and women).
If you want a classic barbershop experience, there’s Sweeney Todd on Sturegatan, with an interior from the thirties. And on Södermalm, Barber & Books offer different shaves and cuts.

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