What are the best neighborhoods in Stockholm?

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Lovisa de Geer

All areas of the inner city of Stockholm are considered to be good. Just like many of the surrounding suburbs. To walk between the districts of Stockholm is beautiful and gives you a good overview of the city. Östermalm is comparable to New York's Upper East Side. It is a wealthy area, having the highest housing prices in Sweden. On Östermalm you will also find all diplomatic residences and famous Djurgarden which is worth a visit. While Södermalm reminds one more of New Yorks SoHo and East Village. In recent years, Södermalm has become extremely popular and Stockholm residents now struggles to find apartments at "Söder" as it is called. Södermalm is lively and here you can find a range of nice cafes, restaurants and bars.
Norrmalm is best known for Sergelstorg and its architecture. Stockholm Central Station and the famous shopping street, Drottninggatan also belongs to Norrmalm. Not far away from there you will find Vasastan. Vasastan revolves around Odengatan. Apart the Stockholm Public Library, Vasastan boasts wonderful parks such as the Vasa Park, Obeservatorielunden and Vanadislunden. In Vasastan you can also find wonderful antique shops and second hand stores.

Last but not least, you must visit the Old Town. Small cobbled streets filled with history. While in Old Town check out the Royal Castle!

Klas Ekman
  • Klas Ekman

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For a first time visitor, I think these three following neighborhoods will be most rewarding.

The part of Södermalm that's South of Folkungagatan could be mistaken as a sketch from the tv-show "Portlandia", bus has the nicest cafés (Il Caffe and Skåningen for example), and if you want a deli with lot's of ecologic and local food – Urban Deli, is the best place to go in Stockholm. They also have a restaurant and a café, and right outside is Nytorget – which is the main reason to go to Sofo. In the summer it's full of ice cream eating Stockholmers, and shouldn't be missed.

Well, this is where you find Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Mulberry, Gucci and the usual suspects. But for a wider high end selection go to Natalie Schuterman. And if you want a swedish take on preppy fashion for children, visit Liveley.
When hungry – go for classics like Prinsen och Konstnärsbaren, where you'll have Swedish dishes like meat balls, Biff Rydberg and Wallenbergare, or the very french Zink Grill.

Lilla and Stora Nygatan in Old town
Old town is hard to pin down, with it's mix of tourist traps, street artists, science fiction bookstores and restaurants with Michelin stars. But in these two streets, that's closest to the tubestation, there's restaurants like Djuret, Frantzén (formerly known as Frantzén/Lindeberg), The Flying Elk and Tweedbar. On Stora Nygatan there's The english bookstore with a good selection of pretty much everything in english/american literature – and a lot of translated swedish books (if some one is into Swedish crime).

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