What is public transportation like in Stockholm?

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Klas Ekman
  • Klas Ekman

  • Correspondent

  • Stockholm, Sweden, Europe

Few people have cars in Stockholm, unless they have children or live in  suburbs. This is because of the metro and the buses working so well. Even if they do not always go as often as in Paris or London, it still is the best way to travel in the city (unless you have a bike). Stockholm is built on several small islands and divided by lots of water, so driving a car can often be frustrating.
The only negative thing about the public transportation in Stockholm is that it is rather expensive. For a visitor,  it is a good idea to look for a SL Center-shop and buy a solution which spans for several days. To pay for a one way ticket via SMS you first need to register at SL.

Lovisa de Geer

The public transportation in Sweden is great. It's easy to jump on a bus, subway or tram if you want to get around in the inner city. The easiest way to get to one of the suburbs is to catch a train from Stockholm’s Central station (sl.se). In summer it is nice to take one of the boats from Nybrokajen out in the archipelago. The tickets for public transport are purchased at each station and costs on average about $ 3 for a ride. A fun way to get around Stockholm is by bike. In several places you can rent bikes for a small amount (www.citybikes.se).

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