What is the best new restaurant in Stockholm?

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Lovisa de Geer

Right now Stockholm is booming of restaurant news! The most talked about places right now is Strandvagen 1 which is just as it sounds situated right on the waterfront at Strandvagen. At Strandvagen 1 you can choose either to eat in the main restaurant or visit their Bistro. The Bistro has fewer things to choose from at the menu. The atmosphere in the Bistro is relaxed and the music is great. Another new, hip and trendy restaurant is Hornshuset in Hornstull, Södermalm. Hornshuset has three different restaurants; ”Torget” where you can enjoy a glass of wine and a snack or just grab some take away. On the second floor you will find ”Hornshusets Krog” where you can enjoy a nice dinner. The third floor is made for soccer lovers! ”Enzo’s” is an Italian soccer restaurant with pizza and delicacies. Just a couple of blocks away you can find newly opened Nytorget 6. Great food to good prices. Nosh and Chow is another restaurant that recently opened at Östermalm. The restaurant provides an international feel and at the menu, you can choose between different dishes from around all corners of the world. On the roof you will find ”Bernie’s bar” that is always full of it-guests. Royal Djurgården is now the new home to one of Sweden's best restaurants- Oaxen. Besides the fine dining their bistro ”Slipen” is worth paying a visit to. Less fancy and nicer prices. For proper pub and grub food I recommend you to visit the Flying Elk, which is the latest venture of renowned restaurant Frantzén.

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