What is the best thing to bring home from Stockholm?

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Joseph Reaney

Stockholm is full of vacation memories just waiting to be bought, packaged and shipped home. Here are our Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ favorite things to bring home from Stockholm:
1. Clogs. Take a look (or just a listen) around and you’ll soon see that huge numbers of Stockholmers are wearing clogs — and that’s because the city is famous for its clip-clopping footwear. You’ll find them sold throughout the capital, and in more fashionable (and comfortable) forms than you probably imagined.
2. Dala Horse. Known as ‘Dalahäst’ in Swedish, this traditional carved, gaily painted equine statuette is not only a beautiful, traditional toy but also a national symbol, making it the perfect Stockholm memento.
3. Tobacco. It may seem like an unusual souvenir, but chewing tobacco is incredibly popular in Scandinavia, and Sweden is one of the best places in the world to pick some up. The city is also renowned for its pipe tobacco, in case you happen to know a pipe smoker.
4. Housewares. Sweden is famous for its cool designer pieces for the home, and there are outlets across the city selling innovative designs of almost anything you can image. Pieces by Sagaform and Kosta Boda are particularly stunning.
5. Björn Borg fashion. For fans of the dashing Swedish tennis player, it may disappoint you to learn that the Björn Borg Concept Store does not sell memorabilia about the tennis great. However, it is named after the Swedish maestro, and is renowned for selling the country’s most popular design of underwear.

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