What language is spoken in Stockholm?

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Klas Ekman
  • Klas Ekman

  • Correspondent

  • Stockholm, Sweden, Europe

English is taught early in school, and after leaving their diapers and three wheel bikes behind most Swedish people never sees a dubbed movie. This is great for movie goers, because they actually do not have to look for cinemas which show films in their original language. In Sweden,  almost everything is shown with subtitles.
Most people understand english really well, so there's no need to listen through an audio course on the plane to Stockholm. Actually, most swedes will try to switch over to english if your swedish is poor. There's a lot of english speaking persons in Stockholm, and a lot of them never has to learn to speak swedish at all (even though it might help to understand it if you are staying for a few years or a decade).

Lovisa de Geer

Swedish is the official language of Sweden. In Stockholm standard Swedish is spoken while out in the country may experience different dialects. Swedish is very similar to Norwegian and Danish. However, one must remember that since Swedish spoken by approximately 10 million people in Sweden and some parts of Finland Swedes are more or less forced to learn English at an early age. Most people you meet will be able to guide you in English around the city!

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