Where can you get the best view of Stockholm?

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Klas Ekman
  • Klas Ekman

  • Correspondent

  • Stockholm, Sweden, Europe

On a sunny and warm day there's no better place than the terrace at Mosebacke Etablissment. The food might not be something you will remember your whole life, but the view sure will be. From up here you have a fabulous look over Djurgården, the water, old town  and the inner city.
Mosebacke is part of Södra teatern, and during the evenings the view from the inner room of their Södran bar is just as fascinating. It is easy to forget your company.
Just by Södra teatern is the way to Gondolen, a truly good restaurant with a bar that that reaches over Södermalms square many metres down and from here you can see pretty much all of the city. The food is excellent, and the bar is one of the best in town.
Stockholm does not have any real skyscrapers, but the restaurant Och himlen därtill (And heaven there to) is on top of the only one on Södermalm.

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