What amenities are provided for business travelers at Château du Sureau?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Château du Sureau is the diametric opposite of a business hotel, but if you have to work while you’re there the staff will provide you with the basic necessities you need.
This Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is the closest thing you’ll find to a 19th-century French country home on this side of the Atlantic. You’ll likely be sharing it with couples on a romantic holiday who appreciate precious fabrics, beautiful antiques and a little anachronism now and again. However, this luxury hotel does have universal Wi-Fi, so you can stay plugged in if you have to. There’s also a printer and communal laptop hidden away in the grand salon, and a fax machine and copier in the building’s small front office. The latter two aren’t actually intended for guests use, but if you’re in dire straits, the staff will allow you to use them.

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