What are the best treatments at Spa du Sureau?

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There’s an extensive menu of services available at Spa du Sureau, but the best treatments are all worth making a stop in the little town of Oakhurst, California. Here are our top picks:

1. Duet massage. Here, two masseuses simultaneously work their magic — well, it’s almost magic — on you, using rhythmic strokes and reflexology. If your idea of heaven is an hour-long massage with a single masseuse, you must try this one — you’ll never want to go back to just one pair of hands.

2. Thermal mineral kur. Eastern Europeans have taken natural kurs for generations and at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa, you can indulge in the tradition that is known for its health benefits. The thermal mineral kur combines three treatments (green tea and Balneo-Peat wrap, Hydrostorm and classic massage) to balance your metabolic system as well as relax and re-mineralize your skin.

3. Kneipp herbal bath. This is one of the spa’s most economical options, but also one of the most unusual. Though you must add it on to another treatment, this 25-minute bath is definitely worth the extra time. You’ll soak in a concentrated blend of aromatic essential oils designed to revive your body and give you more energy.

4. Hydrostorm. The moment you step foot inside this ultimate thermal shower, you’ll be enveloped by aroma-infused steam. While alternating hot and cold sprays, massaging cascades of water and even artificial raindrops stream over you, the Hydrostorm relieves muscle tension.

5. Elderberry bliss facial. Your aesthetician will use organic elderflowers, sweet milk, calendula and rose oil for hydrated and glowing skin. At the same time, a heated sachet full of native wildflowers will be applied to relax your neck and shoulders, and at the end of the facial, you’ll get a mint spritz to refresh and awaken you.

As per our guests’ feedback, we consider the following the top treatments at Spa du Sureau:

1.Sierra Wellness Kur. This treatment includes a hydrotherapy bath, an aromatherapy wrap, a scalp massage and a 60-minute facial stone massage.

2. Lavender Blossom Body Polish. This treatment includes full body exfoliation and a lavender-cream body wrap.

3. Timeless Facial. You’ll get a 90-minute vitamin C facial treatment.

4. Elderberry Experience Signature Package. This luxury package includes an elderberry-infused aromatherapy bath, elderberry buff, elderberry cream wrap, a hydrostorm drench and a 60-minute classic massage.

5. Thai-Sa-Wan Massage. This indulgence is a 90-minute treatment that originated in Thailand. The massage technique includes use of a heated muslin parcel filled with fragrant herbs and spices to relieve stress and tension to reenergize body and soul.

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