What should I pack for a trip to Tahoe & Yosemite?

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You should pack a wide variety of clothing and supplies for a trip to Tahoe and/or Yosemite, both for your comfort and just for your most basic safety. The region is unbelievably beautiful, but the weather is volatile and the terrain is rugged, so you won’t want to arrive unprepared. Make sure to bring hiking boots, since the whole point of visiting this region is to tromp around outdoors, as well as a swimsuit, sweater and windbreaker if it’s summer or a warm, water-resistant coat and long underwear if it’s winter.

Besides seasonally appropriate clothing items, you’ll also want to bring along a few other staples to keep yourself healthy and happy. Don’t forget a first aid kit; Yosemite and Tahoe are all about enjoying the outdoors, but that also often means scrapes, cuts, bruises and contusions galore. Another important part of your kit should be sunscreen, since visitors all year round are vulnerable to both sunburn and snow burn, both of which can make a vacation (and the Facebook pictures you post afterward) a whole lot less fun.

Our area is considered very outdoorsy, so you should definitely bring lots of clothing for hiking and, depending on the season, cool or warm clothing. The summers in the Oakhurst area can get very hot (temperatures are often in the high 90s and sometimes in the low 100s); in winter, we have low temperatures with occasional snow. Nearby is Bass Lake (approximately a 20-minute drive from Château du Sureau), which offers a great spot for water sports. A little farther away is Shaver Lake (located at a higher altitude), which also offers swimming at milder temperatures. Since we also have a lovely pool on our premises, we definitely recommend that you bring your swimming costume.
The winter months in Oakhurst are quite mild. However, most of the guests would like to enjoy Yosemite National Park at that time. We do suggest that you bring warm clothing and comfortable shoes with you in order to explore the area.
Dining at Erna's Elderberry House Restaurant is a classic and elegant affair, and we'd love to see the Gentlemen wearing a coat. If you opt to bring your tie, we'll gladly welcome it to our restaurant, but we understand if you would only like to wear a dress shirt.

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