Where is the best nightlife in Taipei?

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Unlike many parts of mainland China, everything is open late in Taipei — really late. The nightlife options are varied and exciting, with underground hipster bars, sleek dance clubs with internationally acclaimed DJs and plenty of venues with live music. Here are five highlights:

1. Underworld. At the heart of Taipei’s indie punk movement, Underworld is the place to be if you want to hear great music among trendy locals. The walls may be the most striking part of the bar. As you walk down the staircase, you see murals that seem to come alive before your eyes. The small bar is a canvas, and until it lost its live performance license, it launched a number of musical careers.

2. Luxy. If you’re looking for a beat, try Luxy. The largest dance club in Taiwan draws a consistently large crowd and some of Asia’s most famous DJs. Careful though, or before you know it, the sun will be rising.

3. Night markets. Skip the bars altogether, grab a green-labeled Taiwan Beer from the closest 7-Eleven and hang out in the streets of one of the many night markets. Without an official closing time, this is one of the favorite pastimes of locals, and is not an experience to be missed.

4. Red Pavilion Theater. If you have the chance to see a show at the Red Pavilion Theater, don’t miss it. One of Taipei’s older landmarks, the octagonal theater space hosts various performers and exhibits. Even if you just stop in for a coffee, it’s worth it.

5. KTV. Like many other Asian countries, KTV karaoke has taken off in Taiwan. Imported from Japan, KTV bars such as Party World offer a quirky way to spend an evening. Hole up in a private room with a group of friends and belt your hearts out to Chinese and Taiwanese pop. Don’t worry, there are plenty of Lady Gaga and Rihanna hits to keep you busy as well.

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