What is the price range for a meal at Packard’s Steakhouse?

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Packard’s Steakhouse at the Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club is a traditional American steakhouse, complete with traditional steakhouse prices. Everything here is priced à la carte, so you pay for exactly what you order from the menu. For example, all the meats range from $36 to $46, depending on which cut you choose. You’ll choose one sauce to accompany your steak, and then you’ll select side dishes, which cost between $6 and $11. Most appetizers are $13 to $45, with the exception of the famous Seaside Platter, which is $79 and can easily feed a table of at least four. Salads in the $10 range and pastas are $18 to $20. For those who don’t want meat for dinner, there’s a seafood portion of the menu that includes a fresh catch of the day (market price) and a $41 lobster tail dinner. Other entrees, including chicken breast, lamb chops and pork tenderloin, will range between $23 and $46. If you visit Packard’s for lunch, you’ll pay a little less, but the lunch menu doesn’t include the same steak offerings as the dinner menu.

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