Ariane Daguin

Founder & Owner, D'Artagnan

New York

Ariane Daguin was all but destined for a culinary career. She was raised in her family's Hôtel de France in Gascony. Her father, Andre Daguin, was known throughout France for making impeccable Gascon cuisine, and especially for his innovations with foie gras. Daguin attended college in New York City and in 1985 launched D'Artagnan, a purveyor of game and foie gras (the only one in America at that time). Now D'Artagnan is a leading seller of smoked delicacies, sausages, organic poultry, wild mushrooms and more high-end farm-to-table foods. Daguin authored two books, including D'Artagnan's Glorious Game, is a frequent guest on culinary TV programs and food festivals, and often gives seminars for those who want to learn more about fine ingredients and Southwest French cooking.