Julian Serrano

Chef, Restaurateur

Las Vegas

He may be a native of Madrid, but Julian Serrano has an affinity for French cuisine. After graduating from Escuela Gastronomie P.P.O. hotel management school in Marbella, Spain, Serrano spent time in classic French kitchens such as Lucas-Carton in Paris; Hôtel de France in Auch, France; Chez Max in Zurich; and L’Aubergine in Munich. After a couple of quick stints in Miami and Nashville, Serrano headed west to San Francisco to help open Masa’s Restaurant under world-famous founding chef Masataka Kobayashi in 1983. He eventually became Masa’s executive chef and earned plenty of praise. In 1998, Serrano brought his remarkable Mediterranean-French cooking to Las Vegas and opened Picasso in Bellagio. His latest venture is just down the Strip from Bellagio at ARIA Resort & Casino, where he serves signature Spanish dishes at his eponymous restaurant.