Ryan Brown

Entrepreneur, Coffee Buyer

San Francisco

As the director of coffee and the green buyer at Tonx.org, a coffee sourcing, roasting and subscription service for home buyers, Ryan Brown travels the world tasting coffee. He started in 2005 at San Francisco’s Ritual Roasters where he built the coffee-buying and roasting program, and introduced San Fran to the light roast concept. Three years later, Brown became one of the first certified U.S. Q graders, cuppers accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute to identify specialty coffee. After time in Portland, Oregon, at Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Brown went to Bogota, Colombia, to learn the supply side of the industry — he built Virmax Coffee’s Central America sourcing program. He continues sourcing coffee for Tonx, seeing it as vital to establishing price sustainability by selling directly to the coffee drinker.