What is the design style of Dunton Hot Springs?

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Larry Olmsted

Dunton Hot Springs is an original late-19th-century Western mining town that became a ghost town and has since been restored. As such, it has a very Old West feel, with a dude ranch layout and village core. Cabins and cottages, all single and freestanding, surround the main house, hot springs house and other common facilities, such as the spa and massage building, which is an original Pony Express mail office. The library is the only modern addition to the all-inclusive hotel, but was built to fit in perfectly, with two stories of books available to read there or take back to the cabins.

The focus is on authenticity, and both the common areas and the guest cabins are furnished with artifacts and antiques. There are bearskin rugs, old whiskey jars, riding gear and the like at every turn, while the buildings are almost all wooden and built of logs or reclaimed barn boards. The main house features an original 1886 saloon with a bar “grafittied” by passing cowboys who carved their names into it, including Butch Cassidy, while the stools are topped with saddles. The luxury hotel looks and feels like a very realistic movie set from an old Western, because it is real.

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