What are the rooms like at Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa?

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Annie Stoltie

Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa’s 131 rooms are varied, some one-of-a-kind, and all decorated by the resort’s proprietor Lisa Weibrecht. Suites range from formal spaces with lofts, fireplaces, bronze lamps and leather sofas, to full-on rustic, with elegantly crafted tree trunk beds. (One of the latter is across the street and part of the inn’s Colonial House Ultimate Suites. It’s right on the water, incredibly private and roomy — ideal honeymoon quarters.) Many rooms were designed with families in mind, incorporating bunk beds or sleeping areas separated by pocket doors. The Classic Rooms have an Arts-and-Crafts feel, but still feel regional, with an earthy color palette and woodsy-themed paintings or historical Adirondack photographs. Recently the resort began renovating these rooms, each with two queen-size beds, expanding their square footage, installing floor-to-ceiling glass to allow more light and a better mountain view, and adding more power outlets and USB connections into the walls.

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