What is the design style of Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa?

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Annie Stoltie

The Adirondacks’ signature style is a melding of woodsy, rustic elements — native stone, twiggy woodwork, birch-bark accents, taxidermy and rich textures — and while Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa’s exterior is a departure from this (more classy colonial than anything), its interior incorporates the Adirondack style in various ways. The lobby is stately and traditional with polished wood, chandeliers, work by regional artists and historical photographs of Lake Placid. (In fact, historical Adirondack photos hang throughout the inn.) An Adirondack rustic theme dominates the indoor pool area, one of the common areas (a great room, really, with animal heads, crackling fire in the hearth, area maps and rustic furniture), and many of the guest rooms, though they range from more subdued Arts-and-Crafts-style décor with earthy palettes to birch-bark-paneled beds and twiggy dresser pulls.

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